Welcome to the Shireburne Residential Park in beautiful Clitheroe.

We are one of only two caravan parks in the Ribble Valley to provide residential pitches, and we take pride in making our park a safe and peaceful environment for those who come to live with us.

This is where you can find details of all of our new and pre-owned residential park homes, lodges and caravans which we currently have up for sale.

Please note: you must be aged 55 or over and with no dependent children to live in one of our residential or winterised properties. Kindly review our Park Rules to ensure that you are happy with these conditions.

Important Information: Following Government Legislation introduced in 2013, sales procedures of pre-owned residential units do not involve the Park Owner.  Interested parties should therefore deal with the home owner directly or their Estate Agent.

Useful Information and Important Advice: If you want the park to be your permanent residential home you should look for a full residential licence- don’t assume that a 12 month holiday licence is the same, it may not be. The site licence will state whether the site is a holiday site or fully residential. In some instances, the licence may allow both permanent and holiday homes.  Some parks advertise ” year -round occupancy” and “12 month licences”.  However, you will not be afforded the same protection.  Check the site licence, and also ask about receiving the “Mobile Written Statement” before signing.

Mobile Home Law: gives a number of rights and protections to park home- owners who occupy their home as their only or main residence if it is situated on a protected site. A protected site is a privatley owned park where the relevant planning permission or site licence allows the land to be occupied wholly, or in part, for year round residential use.

Get a Survey Done:  If you are planning to buy a park home we recommend that you instruct a specialist park home surveyor to undertake a report. This isn’t compulsory, but is the only way to give an accutate assessment of the condition of any park home you are looking to buy.