James I had published a book on Demonology vowing to destroy witchcraft, and local Magistrates, Judges and Estate Owners were eager to please him by holding witch trials. Sometime in March of 1612, a theft took place at the home of the Demdykes at Malkin Tower. Chattox was then seen wearing some of  the stolen clothing, by Demdykes Grand Daughter Alizon Device. The theft was reported and an inquiry was held at Read hall by Roger Nowell the local Magistrate. Chattox was questioned and in revenge stated that Demdyke and others connected with her were witches.

Unfortunately, a week later Alizon Device was begging near to Trawden field when she met a pedlar called John Law, getting nothing except abuse from him she uttered a curse at which Law fell to the ground complaining of being paralyzed down one side (probably a stroke) and was taken to a local inn by passers by.

In late March she was questioned by Nowell and confessed to bewitching the pedlar. Demdyke and Chattox who were in their 80’s along with Anne Redfern and Alizon were then taken on foot to Lancaster Gaol. On Good Friday 6th April 1612, a meeting took place at Malkin Tower and Nowell, believing it to be a coven meeting, ordered the arrest of all those present. James Device was arrested and along with his nine year old sister gave evidence confirming Nowells suspicions.

As a result of James Device’s confessions seven people, Elizabeth Device, Alice Nutter, Katherine Hewitt, Alice Gray, John Bulcock and Jane Bulcock, Jenet Preston and James Device himself, were sent to Lancaster Gaol. Demdyke died in Lancaster Gaol while awaiting trial. On 19th August 1612 the following were found guilty of being witches and were hung at a public hanging in Lancaster:

Elizabeth Device
Alison Device
James Device
Anne Whittle (Old Chattox)
Anne Redfearne
Alice Nutter
Katherine Hewitt (Mouldheels)
Jane Bulcock
John Bulcock
Isobel Robey